If you would like to own a print, perhaps gift one, or just know more about any of them please click on “Enquire” at the bottom right of the enlargement. I will get back to you with purchase and delivery options. Or just call me on 07976 796675.

Print prices

inchmmFine-art printMounted on Dibond*
14 x 11356 x 280£100.00£150.00
14 x 14356 x 356£110.00£160.00
16 x 12406 x 305£110.00£170.00
16 x 16406 x 406£120.00£180.00
20 x 16510 x 406£130.00£200.00
20 x 20510 x 510£140.00£210.00
24 x 20610 x 510£150.00£220.00
24 x 24610 x 610£160.00£230.00
30 x 20720 x 510£180.00£250.00
30 x 30762 x 762£200.00£280.00

I will happily produce prints at any particular size you would like. Postage and packaging are included in the cost unless outside the UK.

* The Mounted on Dibond price includes the print, the subframe and lamination.

Framing has too many variables to list, however I can arange framing for you. Fine-art prints will have a small border to aid framing.

All images are available in white box frames, 9 x 7in or 9 x 9in. £44 inc. p&p.

Examples of Dibond mounting and 9 inch box frames

Dibond comprises two sheets of aluminium sandwiching a thin mineral core. It is rigid and lightweight and has a 2 cm deep subframe that allows the mounted image to stand proud of the wall, it just requires a standard picture hook. The image is laminated for protection.