Pirjo Keene

I’ve known Pirjo for several years, and have loved her work from the day I first cast eyes on it. For the reasons she writes about below

“My distinctive style of photography has been strongly influenced by my long association with creative arts, through studies in textiles and design and by my Scandinavian appreciation for simplicity and order.

Inspired by quirky details of everyday life and nature, I create both highly stylised graphic images and rich, layered and often abstracted studies of natural forms.

The experimental quality of my work comes from being able to capture what the eye cannot see – frozen of blurred motion, selective focus, distortions caused by various lenses, and from using alternative printing and transferring methods as well as the conventional photographic medium.”

Giclée and C-Type prints on Archival Fine Art paper are available from any of the images on the website.

Prints will be dispatched within four working days of your placing an order.

Prints can be made to any size you choose. The standard print sizes and prices are on the PURCHASE page, where you can also find details as to how to order a print.