Barry Gowers

When I came across Barry’s beautiful solar etchings I realised that I’d found something I’d been wondering about for a while; a studio based method of reproducing photography other than by conventional means. Barry writes:

“I create fine art etchings inspired by the natural world. Starting with a photograph, a sketch, or found objects like feathers, ferns or leaves, solar etchings are created by placing this image on a photopolymer plate and exposing it to a bright light source. 

The resulting image is developed in water to create a plate that can then be inked and printed on art-paper using an etching press”

Printmaking techniques can be incorporated into the production of the final print, opening up a whole new world of creativity in photographic reproduction. 

I include some of Barry’s original photography on which the solar etchings are based.

Giclée and C-Type prints on Archival Fine Art paper are available from any of the images on the website.

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